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We are honored to share some of the wisdom, love, hope, and creativity that flow from our recent Award-Winning books. Each book below expresses an aspect of the theme, Embracing Diversity.  We will share some excerpts from other 2017 Award-Winners throughout the year, with a different theme. If you wish to get a copy of any of these books, we encourage you to ask your local bookstore or library to order a copy!

Embracing Diversity, May 2018

Wonder Girls: Changing Our World
Gold Award in Social Change/Social Justice
Author: Paola Gianturco & Alex Sangster
Publisher: powerHouse Books

Colorful Girls, a program of Girl Determined -- Nanda Wadi, age 14, from Myanmar says: "In my village there are no doctors. Many people die. ...As for education, there are only a few government schoolteachers. In rural areas, people have few opportunities to know what the world is like. I want to teach there and also help with health care." Nanda has attended two Colorful Girls summer camps- "There is no discrimination there [at camp]. The important thing is to learn from each other, respect each other, and increase understanding. If we do those things, we can achieve peace... If I could tell girls all over the world one thing, I would say, 'Believe in yourself. Try to become a leader. There are now women leaders all over the world!' " (p.128)


The Newcomers: Finding Refuge, Friendship, and Hope in An American Classroom
Gold Award in Social Sciences & Education
Author: Helen Thorpe
Publisher: Scribner /Simon & Schuster

"Inside this school, where the reality of refugee resettlement was enacted every day, it was plain to see that seeking a new home took tremendous courage, and receiving those who had been displaced involved tremendous generosity.  That is what refugee resettlement was, I decided: acts of courage met by acts of generosity.

... I would even say that spending a year in Room 142 had allowed me to witness something as close to holy as I've seen take place between human beings. I could only wish that in time, more people would be able to look past their fear of the stranger and experience the wonder of getting to know people from other parts of the globe."  (p.391)


Unexpected Bride in the Promised Land: Journeys in Palestine and Israel
Gold Award in Multicultural & Indigenous
Author: Iris Keltz
Publisher: Nighthawk Press (Small press, Taos NM)

It was May 1967 [just weeks before outbreak of the Six-Day War]: "I wrote to my mother, telling her I had decided to extend my stay in Jerusalem, hinting at a romantic liaison. Her alarmed letters, which I picked up at the American Consulate, begged me to leave immediately and questioned my ability to think rationally. 'War might break out at any time, and you are living with Arabs. It's dangerous,' she said. Looking around, I saw Faisal, Samira, Marwan, Herminia, Yusra, Amty, and Ibrahim. There were times I found Marwan's contrite manner annoying, Samira's beauty rituals tedious, Ibrahim too macho, Amty too saintly, Yusra too understanding, and wished Faisal spoke better English - but I never saw dangerous enemies...

"Under the influence of divine knafeh, I promised myself to a man I had known for about two weeks, extinguishing Mom's dream of marrying her only daughter to a Jewish doctor.  My capricious decision to marry a foreign man living on the other side of the world, who spoke broken English and came from a family considered the enemy by my family, was more complex than either of us was willing to admit. But our tango with realism was finished for the day."  (p.57-58)



We are proud to announce the full list (pdf) of the season's Nautilus Award Winners HERE

You will notice that the list of Winners includes a couple of additions and changes to the Nautilus categories. In 2016, we added two new Categories to the program:

  • USA Spiritual Growth and Development
  • Social Sciences and Education

Both of these categories received excellent entries!

During the 2016 Review process, we realized that the two categories of Fiction and Memoir had grown in number of entries and quality of entries. The Nautilus Advisory Group decided that we would distinguish two categories within each of these genres, as follows:

  • FICTION, Self-Published & Small Press
  • FICTION, Large Publisher
  • MEMOIR, Self-Published & Small Press
  • MEMOIR, Large Publisher

You will see on the list of Award Winners that each of these four new Categories has a Gold Winner and several Silver Winners. We are very proud of the breadth and depth of these Award Winners!

Looking Ahead to Next Season

On September 21, 2017, we launched the 20th Anniversary Season of Nautilus. Our purpose continues to be on books that support spiritual growth, high-level wellness, conscious living & green values, and positive social change.

In our upcoming 2017 Season, we hope that your book will be part of the celebration of Better Books for a Better World!


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Marilyn McGuire, our founder, continues as a consultant to the Nautilus program, and has trained many members of the Readers and Judges Group to review the submitted books in the well-developed and thorough Nautilus Awards process.

We are grateful to all the reviewers, judges, staff, advisors, volunteers, and other professionals who are involved with the program.

To our Authors and Publishers – We are grateful for your support over the years – and we look forward with joy to the arrival of new entries in the 20th Nautilus Season.

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Now completing its 19th year, Nautilus Book Awards recognizes books that transcend barriers of culture, gender, race, and class, and promote conscious living & green values, spiritual growth, wellness & vitality, and positive social change. Last year, Nautilus received entries from 36 States of USA, and from 12 other nations. Dedicated to excellence and high standards of both message and presentation, the Nautilus program celebrates books that inspire and connect our lives as individuals, communities and global citizens.

Nautilus Book Awards is held in particular high-regard for recognizing and promoting outstanding print books in several dozen genres that nurture positive change to co-create a Better World.

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