General Information

Our recent Nautilus Season was open for Entries from September 21, 2017 through February 10, 2018. The program is now closed for Entries.  Award winning books from the 2017 Season were announced in late April 2018 -- see the Bookcovers of all the Winners, as well as a PDF listing of the Winners, on our 2017 Grand/Gold Winners page, and the 2017 Silver Winners page!

As preview for next season: There are three phases for the Nautilus Entry Fees. When your Entry package is postmarked between September 21– through October 31, the Early Entry Fees apply. Postmarks from November 1- through December 31 are eligible for the Regular Entry Fees.  And packages postmarked from January 1- through Feb 8, 2019 (exact closing date varies each year) will require the Final Entry Fees  (see below).

The general criteria for eligible Nautilus Entries for the upcoming season, Sept 21, 2018- Feb 8, 2019, will be:

  • Print book, in English, with ISBN number
  • Publication date during 2017 or 2018
  • High-quality writing
  • Published version, no "Advance Reader copy"
  • Articulate & excellent message for the Category selected

The Nautilus Mission continues into our third decade – Better Books for a Better World!  To recognize, promote, and celebrate books that support conscious living & sustainability, high-level wellness, spiritual growth, and positive social change.  These four aspects of the Nautilus Mission are an integral part of the assessment that the Reviewers and Judges Team use in selecting the Finalists, and then selecting a few exemplary books as Award Winners in each season.  A book does not need to express all four qualities of the Mission in order to be selected as an Award Winner; however, books that are infused with two or more of the qualities will generally earn a higher rating.  Our Reviewers are serious about recognizing excellent books that bring wisdom, love, hope, and creativity to their readers!

Opening and Closing Dates -- revised for the 2018 season!

* All dates below are by postmark date of postal service (U.S. Mail or International mail), or by private delivery service (eg, FedEx, UPS).

Opening Date: September 21, 2018
Sept 21-- Oct 31, 2018 (Wed.)  Early Discount Entry Fee

Nov 1 – Dec 29, 2018 (Sat.)  Regular Entry Fee ($10 increase per Category in which book is entered)

Jan. 1 – Feb 8, 2019 (Fri.)  Final Entry Fee ( $10 increase per Category in which book is entered)

Early Entry Fees (USD) will be in effect, starting September 21, through Oct. 31: $165 for 1st category that a Title is entered in, plus $125 for a 2nd (or 3rd) category of same title. Note that all books for Children & Young Adults have $125 Early Entry Fee.

See below for three payment options.

We will accept Entries for 2018 Season, beginning Sept. 21, 2018

The 2018 Nautilus Book Awards will launch in September, and will accept entries in 38 subject categories, with 8 of those categories for Children, Teens and Young Adults.

We accept Entries from traditional larger publishers, small presses, self-publisher, and self-publisher hybrids -- the full spectrum of the Print Publishing world.

Each year the Nautilus Book Awards has three honorary categories to acknowledge and recognize:

  • Best in Small Press
  • Best Self-Published book
  • Best in Children's Literature

Our judges consider a Small Press title to be any book that qualifies for entry in the Nautilus Awards and is from a publisher who produces 2 to 10 books annually, and those books are from multiple authors. All qualified, paid submissions from a Small Press or Self-Publisher become candidates for these awards. It cannot be entered otherwise.

Instructions for Entry Form

An Entry Form must be filled out for each copy of each book and inserted (not taped) inside the front cover. You will need to make multiple copies after you fill-out the Entry Form, so you can insert a completed copy in each physical book.  You are welcome to fold the Entry Form to fit inside a smaller book.

The 2018 Entry Form will be provided with detailed instructions. For this month, the 2017 Form is provided as reference; the new "2018 Entry Form" will be published on this webpage during August 2018.

Your registration is not complete until your payment is received, and the Books (with Entry Forms) are postmarked by the due-date for that Entry Fee period.

Registration (Entry Form, Payment Options):

Our 2018 Entry Form PDF will be posted in early September. Once available, please print and fill out a separate form for each Category. Please include a copy of the completed form for each physical book mailed.


  1. CHECK: Enclose your Check with the books-package and Entry forms. A single check (USD payable to "Nautilus Book Awards") may be written to cover all categories entered.
  2. PAYPAL: online via PayPal system (via your PayPal account, or with credit card: VISA, MC, Discover, AmEx).
  3. PAYMENTECH direct: contact Mary Belknap to arrange this option at You will provide credit card information by phone (the Chase Bank application accepts VISA, MC, or Discover).

Note: If you select option 2 or 3 - you will need to ship your Books and Entry Forms separately from the payment.

PayPal links (below) are currently inactive, because the 2017 Season has completed.  Be sure to type the Author Name & Book Title inside the box, before you click the "Add to Cart" button.

  • You need to pay the PayPal First Category Fee for a first entry (below left) before a book is eligible for the lower fee of the PayPal Additional Categories (below right).
  • For the same title in a second or third category (and for Childrens/Young Adult categories) - use the PayPal Additional Categories button (below right).

PAYPAL LINKS will appear HERE, starting on September 21, 2018.

The Entry Fees for Early Discount Rate will apply from September 21- October 31, 2018.

How many copies:

We need four (4) copies of each Book Title for the initial category that you enter. If you enter the SAME title in additional categories, please send three (3) additional books for each additional category entered. Example: If you enter a title in Parenting – plus you want to enter the same title in Psychology – you will need to send 4 + 3 books, for a total of seven (7) books for the two categories. For a Title entered in three categories, you will send 4 + 3 + 3 = total of ten (10) books.

The reason we need this number of copies is that our Reviewers live in different cities and, in some instances, in different States of U.S.A., so our Office mails the copies to the Reviewers. One copy is maintained at the Nautilus Office, as reference copy for any questions that arise.

How to Send:

Please ship Books with Entry forms enclosed, using a nation-wide shipping service such as U.S. Priority Mail, FedEx, UPS, so you can insure and/or track your package.

Note: We welcome International mail for Book entries from other nations. Use your national Mail Service, and send the Book package to the PO Box address (see below).

FOR USA SENDERS – The best shipping option (especially for large or heavy books) is to use the U.S. Postal Service FLAT RATE BOX / PRIORITY MAIL

TRACKING: Please arrange to be able to track your package so you will know when it arrives. Both U.S. Media Mail (Book rate), and Priority Mail provide tracking information.  You also have the option to purchase a ''Confirmation of Delivery" receipt, or enclose a SASP (postcard) in the package for confirmation of arrival. Because the Nautilus Office receives hundreds of packages during the active season, we do not send written confirmation of delivery. Your tracking information is the best method to use.

We generally do not recommend 4TH CLASS BOOK RATE mail, as it can take a week or more to arrive and cannot be insured.  Exception:  for packages within Washington State, the Book Rate works fine.

ADDRESS FOR SHIPPING Via US Mail For all packages via US Mail /U.S. Postal Service – and Priority Mail and for packages via International Mail services.

Nautilus Book Awards
Mary Belknap, Director
P.O. BOX 2285     VASHON, WA 98070 USA


ADDRESS FOR SHIPPING Via FedEx, UPS or other courier services ONLY (i.e., the courier employee walks to the front door):
Nautilus Book Awards
Mary Belknap, Director
9427 SW 156th St, Vashon WA 98070
(phone reference for courier: 206. 304-2250)

Thank You!