Nautilus Author Spotlight Videos

For over 20 years, Nautilus Book Awards has been honoring Better Books for a Better World, shining a light on a diverse range of visionary books that endeavor to co-create a more positive future.

Please join Host Sher Safran, of Share Wisdom Network, as she interviews Nautilus Award-winning authors and invites a deeper dive into their insightful and inspiring books. Enjoy!

Austyn Wells ~ Soul Conversations
(Spirituality of Other Traditions)

Hendrika de Vries ~ When a Toy Dog Became a Wolf and the Moon Broke Curfew

Thomas Qualls ~ Painted Oxen

Patricia Lemer ~ Outsmarting Autism
(Parenting & Family)

Joel Simpson ~ Earthforms: Intimate Portraits of our Planet

Jennifer Skiff ~ Rescuing Ladybugs
(Animals & Nature)

Katy McQuaid ~ Everybody Loves Grace
(Children's Illustrated)

Dede Ranahan ~ Sooner Than Tomorrow

Jennifer Monahan ~ WHERE TO? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free

Gail Gross ~ How to Build Your Baby's Brain
(Parenting & Family)

Rick Hodges ~ To Follow Elephants

Dr. Sonnee Weedn ~ 8 Ways to Wellbeing

Bhikshuni Jin Rou & Terri Nicholson ~ Guan Yin: The Buddha's Helper
(Children's Illustrated)

David Levine ~ A Year of Belonging

Jill Sylvester ~ Trust Your Intuition
(Personal Growth)

Richard Lyons ~ The DNA of Democracy
(World Cultures Conscious Growth & Dev.)