Displaying your Nautilus award-winning book at a Book Trade Show is a great way to promote your awarded title as well as meet other authors and publishers active in the field. We are working to give Nautilus Award winners more choices for book trade shows by expanding our partnership with Combined Book Exhibit to give you great pricing and more exposure.

Purchasing display space (closed until 2023)

Thank you for purchasing your Display-space through Nautilus Book Awards.

STEP 1. REGISTER. The registration link is given on the document that you will have received by email as an award winner. You will see a drop down menu of all your book show choices. You will have Book Show choices both in the USA and International.

For a complete list of shows that Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) attends please go here:



You will be guided through the payment options for your Display choices. Your rate will reflect the ongoing partnership Nautilus Book Awards has with CBE.

STEP 3. SEND the Display copy of your Book! One copy of your Book for each Trade Show you registered for will be sent to the address given on the email/attachment you received to
Combined Book Exhibit, New York


~ In love of reading, Mel Granchi, LMFT, DMin, Nautilus Director


For questions:
Melissa(Mel) GranchiĀ  melgranchi@nautilusbookawards.com


TRADE SHOW FAQs from Nautilus Authors

WHY DISPLAY my book at a Trade Show?

Displaying your book at a book or trade show can give your book more exposure to readers and publishers. Most of the book shows that Combined Book Exhibit attends are professional shows which means librarians, booksellers, distributors, educators, agents and film production companies attend these shows. A display as an award winning book adds extra promotional consideration to all who see it.

Does Nautilus have a BOOTH at this year's BEA or the American Library Association (Chicago 2023)?
Unfortunately, Nautilus will not have a booth at this year's BEA Trade Show. Perhaps that will be possible next year.

Yes! We will be in Chicago for the ALA Book Show this year. Many Nautilus Award Winners will be selected to represent our program.