Displaying your Nautilus award-winning book at a Book Trade Show is a great way to promote your awarded title as well as meet other authors and publishers active in the field.


UPDATE May 2020:  Due to the unfolding international health crisis with coronavirus, the major Book Trade Shows have been postponed for spring and summer 2020.  In past years, about 30- 50 of our Nautilus Award Winners chose to display their Book at one or more of the annual Book Trade Shows.

Nautilus partners with the Combined Book Exhibits (CBE) staff, based in New York, to offer display opportunities at below-market rates.  Updated plans for annual Book Expo America (BEA) in New York, American Librarians Association (ALA) conference, Beijing International Book Fair, and Frankfurt International Book Fair will be shared with all persons on the Nautilus mail-list, when the specific details of these events are made public.  Thank you for your patience with these changes.

Purchasing display space

Thank you for purchasing your Display-space through Nautilus Book Awards.

STEP 1. REGISTER. The registration link is given on the document that you received by email. If you have already registered your book for Display, please proceed to step 2.

STEP 2. PAYMENT OPTIONS for Display at BEA &/or ALA
BEA (Book Expo America). Details and dates will be updated here in Spring 2020.   Display at the NTS (New Titles Showcase) in main hall. Display Registration due date: Tbd 

PAYMENT $TBD USD (1st PayPal button below)

  • CLICK "Add to Cart"
  • OR Send Check for $TBD payable to "Nautilus Display" to: Nautilus/Display, PO Box 2285, Vashon WA 98070 USA

ALA (American Library Association), DATES at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. Display in several showcase rooms. Display Registration due date: TBD 

PAYMENT $TBD  USD (2nd PayPal button below)

  • CLICK "Add to Cart"
  • OR Send Check for $TBD  payable to "Nautilus Display" to: Nautilus/Display, PO Box 2285, Vashon WA 98070 USA

For Display at both BEA and ALA ($TBD total fee):

  • Add both Items to Cart (PayPal buttons below)
  • OR Send Check for $TBD payable to "Nautilus/Display" to: Nautilus/Display, PO Box 2285, Vashon WA 98070 USA


STEP 3. SEND the Display copy of your Book! One copy of your Book for each Trade Show you registered for;
To the address given on the email/attachment you received,
Combined Book Exhibit, New York.



BEA Display: Author, Book Title

ALA Display: Author, Book Title



For questions, contact either:
Mary Belknap mbelknap@nautilusbookawards.com
Sandora Hedrich sandora@nautilusbookawards.com

Nautilus Book Awards, PO Box 2285, Vashon WA 98070 USA


TRADE SHOW FAQs from Nautilus Authors

WHY DISPLAY my book at a Trade Show?
Glad to hear that you intend to do a Display at BEA or ALA! My hunch is that your book will be noticed by quite a few bookstore owners there. A couple years ago at BEA in Chicago, I stood for over an hour near the New Titles Showcase, and watched people cluster around the "Nautilus Award Winners" bookshelf, which is 5-tier high. When I introduced myself, and asked where the visitors were from, it was amazing that quite a few persons were from several states distant from Chicago, IL. A couple persons were buyers for County Public Library systems; and an even greater number were Bookstore Owners. Many of them were taking smart-phone Photos of the Nautilus Award Winners' bookcovers that they planned to purchase for their store. It was a sweet moment of recognizing one way that our Award Winners' books connect with the wider world!

Does Nautilus have a BOOTH at this year's BEA?
With regret, Nautilus will not have a booth at this year's BEA Trade Show. Perhaps that will be possible next year.

Oops! I forgot to mention my Nautilus Award on the Display-Registration form.
When you register online with Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) for display at any of the Trade Shows, be sure you fill out the last line of the Reg form, "Awards/Reviews" - and remember to include "Nautilus Silver Award 2018" or "Nautilus Gold Award 2019" on that line! If you have already done the registration, but forgot to mention your Nautilus Award, you can go back online and edit the description - until May 12. For support on this step, you are welcome to call Combined Book Exhibit at 800-462-7687, ext 4 (Becky in accounting). Thanks, Becky, for the support!

What is the DUE-DATE for Display-Payment?   [TO BE UPDATED IN APRIL 2020]
An important timing note: Any book that has a Display-registration started, but whose Display has not been paid for by 5:00pm (PT) DATE, will have the registration canceled on DATE. This is necessary because Combined Book Exhibit needs to charge Nautilus for all titles registered (ie, appearing in the catalog), even if an author has not paid for the registration.
* The Display-registration can also be done next week, DATES, but that Title will not appear in the Print-catalog distributed at the trade show; the cut-off for the Print-catalog is DATE. If registered and paid-for next week, the Title will still appear in the Online catalog, which will be live on the BEA website for one year, through April 2021. We have noticed that many customers are using the Online catalog for selecting books to purchase in the months after a Trade Show.

WHEN do I need to get the display-copies of my Book to Buchanan, NY?
The mailing of your display-copies of the book to the CBE Office can be by week of DATES. This will help those of you who are receiving the Nautilus Seals this week or early next week - so you can affix the Seal to the display-copies of your Award-Winning book.

How do I make Payment for the Beijing and/or Frankfurt Book Fairs?
The PayPal option for display-purchase at the international trade shows will be activated (on this Webpage) by DATES. These trade shows happen later in the annual cycle, and have a later due-date for registration and payment. You also have the option to send a Check to the Nautilus office, or contact Mary Belknap to arrange payment by credit card.

With all best wishes for the future promotion of your books!
~ In love of reading, Mary Belknap, PhD, Nautilus Director