General Information

Nautilus Book Awards 2023 Season closed Feb 10, 2023.

Our 2024 Season opens September 1, 2023 - February 1st, 2024- winners announced April, 2024

We welcome those of you who are both returning and new to Nautilus. We're happy you are here!

We will be accepting eBooks in our 2024 season- criteria to be announced. Please sign up for newsletter to stay apprised of the upcoming changes.

General criteria for eligible Nautilus Entries :

  • eBook or print book, in English, with ISBN.
  • Publication date &/or Copyright during either 2022 or 2023 shown on or near Title page of book.
  • High-quality writing.
  • Your book articulates a message related to the category selected.
  • Published version of your book title only. "Advance Reader or Sample Copies" are not accepted.
  • Expresses one or more of the four Nautilus values, described below under Nautilus Mission.
  • Book is not a prior entry to the Nautilus program (contact us if special accommodation is needed).

The Four Nautilus Values

To recognize, promote, and celebrate books that support any of our Four Pillars:

conscious living & sustainability, health & wellness, spiritual growth, and social change & social justice.

These four aspects of the Nautilus Mission are an integral part of the assessment that each Reviewer Team uses in recommending the Finalists in their category, and that the Final Review Team then references to select extraordinary books as Award Winners in each category.  A book does not need to express all four qualities of the Mission in order to be selected as an Award Winner.  However, books that are infused with two or more of the qualities will generally earn a higher rating.  Our Reviewers are dedicated to their task -- to  recognize excellent books that radiate pulses of wisdom, love, hope, collaborative spirit, and creativity - and to celebrate the authors who share these energies with their readers!

To see an overview of books from past years that have been recognized with a Nautilus Award, go to the Nautilus Winners webpages and Winners Archive.

During each Season, we accept Entries in 35+ genre Categories.

We accept entries in 35 subject categories (a few with A and B segments, see Categories webpage), and 8 of those categories are for Children, Mid-Grade Teens and Young Adults.

We accept Entries from Self-publishers, Small Presses (2- 10 Titles annual, and from multiple authors), Hybrid-publishers, and traditional Larger publishers (more than 10 books annually) in the English language.  Nautilus does not accept e-books as program entries at this time.

Each year the Nautilus Book Awards presents three honorary awards that we acknowledge and recognize:

  • Best in Small Press
  • Best Self-Published book
  • Best in Children's Literature

Please note: A book cannot be entered for these Special Honors.  All qualified, paid submissions from a Small Press, Self-Publisher, or Children's book become candidates for the "Best of..." awards.

Instructions for Entry

General Information

The following instructions are also available during the on-line entry process. We want you to have some information before you get started.

The Entry Submission process has  simple steps:

  1. Your Book Information
  2. Entry Fee and Payment
  3. Sending Your Books

Step One: Your Book information

You’ll be asked for information related to the publication of your book, your category, and who we can contact about your submission throughout the 2023 Nautilus Season.

Please look at our categories if you’re not sure where your book fits.

Step Two: Entry Fee and Payment

There are 2 parts to our season: Early Entry and Regular Entry.

Early Entry

The Early Entry Period is from September 21 – November 30, 2022

(*Book packages must be postmarked no later than November 30th.)

Getting your entry in early saves you money and gives our reviewers more time with the books because they arrive at the start of the season.

The Early Entry Fees:

  • $170 USD  per title in one category (Categories 01- 29)
  • $140 USD  for the same title if entered in a second or more category(s) (Categories 01- 29)
  • $140 USD  for any Children’s /MiddleGrade /YA books (Categories 30- 35)

Regular Entry

The Regular Entry Period is from December 1, 2022 - February 10, 2023.

The Regular Entry Fees:

  • $190 USD  per title in one category (Categories 01- 29)
  • $150 USD for the same title if entered in a second or more category(s) (Categories 01- 29)
  • $150 USD  for any Children's /MiddleGrade /YA books (Categories 30- 35)

Final Online Submission Entry Date for the USA: February 10, 2023

(*Book packages from the USA must be postmarked no later than February 10, 2023)

Final Online Submission Entry Date for InternationalJanuary 20, 2023

(*International book packages must be postmarked no later than January 20, 2023)


After you have completed all of the steps, you will be able to make a secure credit card payment, use your PayPal, or Venmo account.

When you submit your payment, you will receive an emailed receipt with an option to print/save your receipt or completed form. At this point, you’re finished with the online submission process. The Nautilus office receives a report and will be on the lookout for your books!

Step Three: Sending Your Books

We require you to send four (4) books of each title. If you enter the SAME title in more than one category, send three (3) more books for each additional category.

For example, if you enter a title in Parenting and then decide to enter the same title in Psychology, you will need to send 4 + 3 books (extra title), for a total of seven (7) books.

Please mail your books to the address found on your form. This address is also on your receipt. 

Please send your books as soon as possible after you have completed the online submission process. Your Nautilus Entry is not considered complete until your books are received.

We hope this information is helpful and that the process goes smoothly. Please do contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you for submitting your book!



**The 2023 Award Winners will be notified by individual email in mid-April 2023.



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