Bringing our vision to the world

In support and celebration of this special time in our history, we are proud to announce the formation of the  "Nautilus Library of Imagination & Possibility" creating a body of information, understanding and vision for a world that longs for a new story.

People all over America and around the world are beginning to IMAGINE a world that works for everyone - a world as it could be with abundant POSSIBILITIES for rethinking how we live.


Albert Einstein believed that Imagination is more important than knowledge –  We believe that from Imagination springs Vision – And from Vision arises Possibility – And from Possibility comes the hope for a Better Future.

With a grateful heart and continued dedication to changing the world one book at a time, we are proud to include these books whose titles have won Nautilus Silver or Gold Awards for their excellent contributions to human knowledge and understanding for a better world. The ideas and wisdom within these pages have inspired us to create the "Nautilus Library of Imagination & Possibility".

The Nautilus Library of Imagination & Possiblity

This library is designed to contain previous Nautilus Award winning titles listed by category: