Imagination & Possibility

We are proud to share the following words from authors whose titles have been awarded Silver and Gold Awards for their excellent achievements in writing books that contribute to the body of knowledge and understanding for a better world. These and other Nautilus Award winning titles will become part of the “Nautilus Library of Imagination and Possibility”.

Speaking out about the Nautilus Book Awards ...


Jean Houston, PhD

From Jean Houston, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Grand Dame and Co-Founder of the Body/Mind/Spirit movement

"These books are creating a curriculum for the folks out there who are longing for a new story."


Gregg Braden

From Gregg Braden
The Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer
Hay House

"I do believe that through the Nautilus books you are creating the library of knowledge that will change our world, and it is probably happening even faster than we have imagined!"


T. A. Barron

From T.A. Barron
Philomel Books/Penguin Young Readers Group

"The Nautilus Book Awards represent the highest achievement of the writer’s craft.  Nothing less.  It’s all about envisioning a better, more peaceful, more caring world — both for us and for our fellow creatures and Mother Earth."


Zoe Mackey

From Zoe Mackey
Berrett-Koehler Publishers

“The Nautilus Awards fit perfectly with BK’s mission to create a world that works for all.  Like the Nautilus Awards, it is also our goal to produce better books for a better world.”


Sara Sgarlat

From Sara Sgarlat
Sgarlat Publicity

“I recommend the Nautilus Book Awards to all of my literary clients because it is prestigious, well known, and adds credibility and stature to every book with which it is associated.”


Tim Shaffner

From Tim Schaffner
Publisher, Schaffner Press

“Thank you, Nautilus Book Awards, for your support, and for upholding the belief that books can still make a difference in our world!”


Robbie Holtz

Co-author of award-winning Journey to the Heart: Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

“Winning the prestigious Nautilus Award dramatically accelerated the success of my self-published book. It helped me procure a large publisher—without a literary agent! I love Marilyn McGuire [founder of Nautilus Awards] and her dedicated staff. They are extremely knowledgeable, reputable, and passionate about helping you succeed." 


Patricia Kokinos

From Patricia Kokinos
Silver Winner – Angel Park

"I want to thank you and the Nautilus Book Awards for having the vision to encourage new ideas, new patterns of thinking, and opening literary avenues to making much-needed changes in our institutions and in our world.  I am delighted to be part of this new wave of change that is sweeping the globe." 


Ariel & Shyla Kane

From authors Ariel & Shyla Kane

"Being a Nautilus Book Awards Winner has launched us into a whole new realm of possibilities. With the Nautilus win under our belt, a well respected book agent happily represented our titles out into the marketplace.  We are pleased to announce that Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work, and How to Create a Magical Relationship have both been purchased by McGraw-Hill."

CALENDAR for New Season

The upcoming Nautilus Season will be open for Entries Postmarked from Sept. 21, 2021 through Feb. 11, 2022. Award Winning Books from the 2021 Season will be announced in April 2022!

Entry packages postmarked from Sept. 21 through Oct. 31 benefit from Early Entry Fees.

Entries postmarked Nov. 1 through Dec. 31 will have Regular Entry Fees.

Entries postmarked Jan. 1 through Feb. 11, 2022 will have Final Entry Fees.